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Patty Miller, CPHR

Patty Miller, CPHR has been consulting with executive leaders across several industries for over 20 years, effectively addressing problems and coaching leaders for success. Patty has an extensive background in uncovering the inner genius of everyone she coaches. Her insight into human behavior and motivation is greatly respected by the clients she serves. Patty is known for her holistic approach drilling down to the individual people while helping companies improve efficiencies.

Dr. Dan McKinnon Ph.D. — (Education) is an organizational development consultant and coach to family business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives. Using science-based questionnaires and customized counselling/coaching interventions he helps his clients improve their self-awareness, skill-sets and relationships. This creates conditions whereby their organizational and personal lives become more pleasurable, engaging, meaningful and effective. Dan is a registered psychologist who provides his clients with psychological counselling/coaching that focuses on helping them: overcome conflict, improve communication, create a meaningful life, engage in mindfulness-based stress reduction practices and discover their inner natures.

Dr. Dan McKinnon Ph.D.