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Genius Services


Genius Assessments & Discovery™

Focus on Awareness and true Genius and Strengths within you

How do we find your unique Genius?

We start off the process with the most accurate Human Assessment tool on the planet. Our team uses a Human Assessment tool vs, Behavioral or Personality Assessment. We believe Behavioral or Personality assessments can be “tricked” and only have a repeat reliability score of 60% – 80%. Our Core Values Index Assessment comes in at 97%.  CVI is the only human assessment that uses strategic and tactical values in a forced choice format, to gain unequivocal insight into the innate nature of the person. When you can understand how you are truly “wired” only then can you make the highest contribution to yourself and your team for success.

Leadership Circle Practitioner

Patty is a certified and experienced practitioner of The Leadership Circle development tools. She utilizes The Leadership Circle Profile extensively in her work with clients.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) is a universal model of leadership development that integrates the competencies required for effective leadership with underlying habitual ways of thinking that can limit leadership effectiveness.

We carefully support each leader to access a mine of information in their Leadership Circle Profile to gain deep personal insights into underlying beliefs, assumptions and patterns of thought that drive behaviour. By uncovering often hidden assumptions and beliefs, and learning how these are influencing their thinking and driving their behaviour a leader can make real and sustained changes to become the leader they aspire to be.

We extensively explore together each leader’s Profile to enable them to appreciate their strengths, how his or her style is impacting on relationships with colleagues and achieving results, and then focus on their development priorities.

Leadership Culture Survey™

Completing a Leadership Culture Survey enables a senior leadership team to be clear about how they see the current leadership culture of their organization and the leadership culture the team desires. A team also immediately sees how their leadership culture compares to that of other organizations.

We work with each leadership team on bridging the ‘gap’ between the current and desired leadership culture by focussing on the leadership development priorities that will bring about the desired improvements in culture and business performance. Engaging a leadership team in a powerful dialogue on cultural change also provides a forum and environment for enhancing the team’s effectiveness and performance.

By utilizing these two amazing tools, CVI, LCP, LCS, we tap into your inner Genius unlocking your full potential.

Activate Your Genius

Genius Communication & Conflict Strategies™

Focus  – Unique Life Values, Communication, and Conflict Training

In this section, we will start by uncovering your Unique Life Values, which are the filters and hierarchy of focal points you use to operate in your life. By understanding your Unique Life Values and of your peers, leaders and subordinates, you have a better understanding of why you do things and a new advantage in communication. By knowing the hierarchy and priorities of each person, you can speak to them in a language they will understand on a completely higher level and what motivates them for maximum productivity.

This is the science on how and why we react to situations based on how we are wired, how to communicate more effectively, how to recognize our own conflict strategies and work with others on the team for brilliant effectiveness.

Influence Genius takes out the drama and politics of why we react and respond the way we do.  We then work on strategic ways to improve communications with each other and your reports.  The training and exercises we go through during our program will be impactful and powerful for you and the business.

What is so illuminating for our Leaders is to uncover how and why we respond to situations the way we do.  Influence Genius reveals the real inner you, and we give you tools that you can implement in your work environment (and home) right away to be more aware and impactful in your leadership and communications.  Influence Genius will open up why we go into conflict and what that actually looks like AND shows you ways to neutralize conflict and how to have effective communications = WORLD CLASS.

Activate Your Genius

Putting Your Authentic Leadership and Genius into Action

Focus on leading as a coach vs boss using Genius based Principles.

Transformational Executive and Leadership Coaching is a proven, systematic roadmap for holding emotionally-intelligent collegial coaching conversations. The toolkit that springs from this successful approach equips one to create egalitarian, mutually-supportive, highly-accountable, coaching partnerships where feedback flows in all directions – up, down, and sideways – across the entire culture. You will have your own internal Genius Coaches as leaders to have a new and powerful impact on your employees.

The foundation for the change process that supports the personal transformation from thinking of oneself as a BOSS OF people to being a COACH FOR people is how to be an Influence Genius within your organization. In this experiential learning process, participants learn through Influence Genius how to leverage positive results in their coaching conversations, and create a vision and contract for themselves as a “coach practitioner.”

Influence Genius is focused on maximizing performance. We work to transform the people side of the enterprise – the culture – because that is where and how the work gets done. We find that dysfunctional or “low” functioning cultures are what keeps both leaders and teams from reaching their potential. Let’s face it – culture is the leading indicator of organizational performance.

Activate Your Genius

If you feel like you are pulling yourself out of bed to go to work, do any of these thoughts run through your mind?

“Why am I being misunderstood…..

“I am trying every technique I know, yet my team is still not with me……

“This leadership thing is harder than I thought…..

Influence Genius works with Executives, Leaders and teams whose intentions are noble, who are ready to do what it takes to bring their best authentic self to work, and who want to elevate the best in others.

Influence Genius will show you how to model it, spot it and coach it –  moving people to higher levels of contribution. This means that it is critical to address ineffective, trust-destroying dynamics such as:

  • making excuses (rather than owning your part of the performance)
  • blaming others (rather than looking at what you might have done differently)
  • sticking one’s head in the sand (rather than working to find out what is going on and acting on that information)
  • compliance (rather than committed action)
  • politically-motivated decisions (rather than principle-based decisions)
  • criticizing others (rather than providing actionable feedback)
  • waiting and hoping (rather than being proactive)
Activate Your Genius

Executive Coaching – One on One and Group Session

In our One on One Coaching services, you will have the opportunity to work with the founders of Influence Genius to assist you in your executive approach and strategies to lead using a strength based and genius centric formula.

Live, virtual , telephonic and e-coaching sessions depending on need and timing required.

Communications, strategies, conflict and negotiation assistance to lift your leadership to unparalleled levels.

Activate Your Genius